Literacise Services

Literacise provides Parent, Community Engagement and Staff Professional Development Seminars as well as Corporate promotions.
Each Literacise seminar is interactive and participatory. “Good teachers always learn from their students.” We went to hear what you have to say as we share with you a new way of thinking about literacy, health, learning and children.
Our Philosophy is to model a multi-sensory movement oriented approach to reading. This is done as we showcase important research on children from a brain science perspective. Most importantly we also highlight literacy’s vital impact on health and academics.
Literacise Research
Objectives Early Literacy Seminar:
As we continue our research on Best Practices for child development and achievement the impact of Sleep on academic achievement and health was undeniable. As a continuation of the Literacise Training package we also offer Sleep/Naptime Training.

Research on Sleep

Sleep Training

As part of our Sleep Training Services we offer a line of Baby Sleep Books.

“An Affirmation Nite Baby Nite” Book Review
Reviewed by Sandra W. Headen, Social and Community Psychologist

“An excellent Naptime/Go to Sleep Picture book, An Affirmation: Nite Baby Nite offers an extraordinary asset in the front of the book: a primer for caregivers on two important topics. First, guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatricians on safe and proper ways to put baby to sleep are provided, including how to position the child’s body and where a child should and should not be allowed to sleep. The primer also offers ten tips on how to create a rich and valuable reading experience for the child, including the types of books to read to babies of color, how to interact with baby while reading, and ways in which baby can interact with the books themselves.”

Literacise engages the whole child in learning

From giggles and games to getting the rhythm of the feet literacy helps children Learn