Brain Facts:

‘The Heart is the Part that Makes You Smart’
1. Exercise stimulates the formation of new brain cells and connections between brain cells.

2. “Brain cells (neurons) that fire together wire together,” maximizing learning.

With the Literacise reading movement method children are saying the words of the story, they are moving to the words of the story, and they are seeing the words of the story. Generally there is laughter and joy connecting children emotionally to the story and the experience. This is the Literacise Brain/Body/Book Connection.

Creator, Irene Smalls, MBA


“Your presentation was superb…you were a hit”
Masha K. Rudman
U Mass Amherst
“Your program was excellent and the audience thoroughly enjoyed your talk.”
Sari Feldman
Deputy Director
“Thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Smalls was animated, entertaining, and informative.”
Barbara Reddish
University of Maine

Literacise engages the whole child in learning

From giggles and games to getting the rhythm of the feet literacy helps children Learn