Literacise NOW more than Ever! Pedagogy + Biology

The pandemic disrupted American education for two years, hitting Black and Brown children aged 5 to 9 hardest, causing significant learning losses, especially in math and reading.

Crucial Early Literacy Years

Between ages 5 and 9, kids learn to read; without this foundation, they struggle lifelong. Due to the pandemic, these children missed half this vital period, risking a future of low literacy unless urgent intervention occurs.

Ongoing Learning Losses

2023 research by NWEA (Northwest Evaluation Association, a school assessment non-profit) shows American students falling further behind in reading and math post-pandemic, terming it “education’s long Covid.”

Pandemic’s Impact on Youngest

Brown University’s preliminary research found that pandemic babies’ cognitive scores dropped significantly, affecting IQ, particularly in boys and low-income families.


Promote Literacy with Literacise: Combining reading best practices with brain science and exercise to enhance learning and health for children is pedagogy plus biology.


“Thank you Irene for such a wonderful, informative, and very important workshop for our families.”
Stephanie Rodriquez
Educational Director A-B-C Harlem, Headstart
“The kids loved your visit. It was a huge success.”
Kim Alda
Mississippi Teacher
” I want to express our appreciation for your enriching presentation. The audience connected with you and were engaged in very personal way with your story.”
William Dandridge
Education Dean, Lesley College

Literacise engages the whole child in learning

From giggles and games to getting the rhythm of the feet literacy helps children Learn